Start-up and Innovation

Made in Italy means success if you know how to value it

Made in Italy is recognized all over the world is a certitude, however, it needs to catch the ability to know how to value it. Italian companies produce excellent products, but sometimes the rush of wanting let the market know doesn’t permit a methodical organization of promotion and sales network.
The Globe Italy team will help them with projects entirely dedicated to start-ups and innovative products, starting from the management consultancy and training of employees, supporting them in the definition of the marketing plan and helping them to create efficient internationalization strategies.

In order to enable your business to get off the ground, you need financing. Our business consultants know how to help you and find funds for internationalization and start-up

Every good idea to be successful must be supported by a huge initial investment. Globe Italy business consultants will support you in defining a business and marketing plans and will help both from the promotional point of view and from bureaucratic-administrative point of view to find financiers, first of all the European Parliament and the economic resources that enable good ideas to become real.

Have you got an innovative idea and you want to turn it into reality?

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Our skilled business consultants, which are specialized in start-up consultancy will be able to make your idea a real project with which to succeed!