To corner a foreign market it’s not enough to have a good product, you need to know how to export it

Foreign markets are a great opportunity, especially for Italian products known worldwide for their quality and design. Export a product means much more than “to sell abroad”. Often Italian companies apply the same procedure both in Italy and abroad, but the results arrive slowly. Each country has its own entrepreneurial spirit, and to become a truly internationalized company you need to know these dynamics and be able to exploit them to your advantage.

Our export managers know how to manage the market and are ready to support you to become an international enterprise

Even for internationalization, as well as for business management and marketing support, our consultants skill is listening: we listen to the market in order to understand how it works and we listen to you and your company in order to be able to offer you solutions really applicable to your specific case. We try to understand which market is suitable to your needs, analyzing the socio-economic context, competitors and potential customers, we suggest you efficient strategies and we offer you all you need to let you start abroad.

Our business consultants know how to suggest the right strategies to succeed, analyzing the costs and benefits of your international development

Our support to internationalization is not limited to the commercial development and export. Our management consultancy, in fact, support you also in the creation of partnership with foreign countries, both from production point of view, through the search of suppliers and local collaborators, and from the management point of view, for example helping you in trading fees and corporate merger also taking care to the financial and bureaucratic procedures.

Globe Italy offers a concrete practical advice in order to create international sale network for import-export

Globe Italy business consulting has always in mind the specific goals to reach, for this reason, even when you speak of internationalization, sales network and international trade, our activity is focused on real projects that we can actually do at the side of our business partners.
Our consultants know how to assist companies:

  • Choose the most suitable market with more sale potential for your field
  • Define exactly what communication strategy to launch
  • Identify suitable partners to achieve your goals
  • Organize Business Mission and events that permit companies to get in touch

Our internationalization services are not only for Italian companies that want to start partnerships with foreign companies. Our business consultancy, in fact, offers support to foreign companies, which are looking for business opportunities in our country. Click here to know what we can offer to international companies which want to create import-export business relations in Italy.

Do you also believe that foreign market can offer many opportunities, but you are not still able to catch them in the right way?

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Our business consultants will support you to internationalization of your company, both from sale and management point of view, to help you to become a successful international company!